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Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation: A Project walkthrough with us

As part of our project walkthrough series, we’ll be discussing the renovation of a kitchen, detailing the process, timeline, and cost involved.

Attention to detail, colour choices and practical material allows for a budget-friendly kitchen remodel

Attention to detail in color choices and practical materials allowed for a budget-friendly kitchen remodel, resulting in a modern and clean look. The trendy off-white cabinets, Benjamin Moore ‘Snow White’ paint on the ceiling, and natural oak pre-finished engineered flooring are complemented by the black faucet and stainless steel appliances, creating contrast and focal points for the eye. A center ceiling light and four pot lights on separate switches provide sufficient yet flexible lighting to illuminate the room, while under-cabinet lighting offers task-specific light on demand.

The one-piece backsplash is both trendy and cost-effective, easy to clean and fast to install. The kitchen now feels a whole foot taller, thanks to the removal of the curvature of the laminate countertop, the addition of the crown molding, and the redesigned cabinets to be flush with the bulkhead.

The entire kitchen was demoed down to drywall and subfloor

The entire kitchen was demoed down to the drywall and subfloor, using state-of-the-art Festool dust containment HEPA vacuum and sander to perform all of our drywall work and popcorn removal. Our plastic dust barrier and negative air pressure machine kept the renovation dust contained to the worksite, preventing it from escaping into the rest of the house during the renovation process.

The old bulkhead was removed and rebuilt to have a slimmer profile, and the subfloor was fastened and reinforced where needed to eliminate all creases and stress and eliminate any noise when walking on the floor.

Can you envision the after from this before?

The existing stove and fridge were reused, while the vent and dishwasher were replaced with a stainless steel unit to match the rest of the kitchen. An aluminum foil backsplash was added for the stove, as the old space just had drywall, making it impossible to clean. No more dirty grout, small form floor tile, and laminate countertop with a non-functioning backsplash!

This project was fairly straightforward, with all appliances and plumbing staying where they were. The electrical system was upgraded, with an upgraded center light, four pot lights, and under-cabinet lighting. All plugs were upgraded to the current code, with each plug having its dedicated 15Amp service to ensure the breakers don’t pop when running multiple appliances at once.

The construction timeline for this project was ten days, from beginning to finish, with the overall project taking two months from the first contact. We went through a relatively fast discovery phase, discussing the family’s vision for the house, the kitchen, and their budget. A straightforward project like this can be planned out to drastically reduce the amount of time you have to live without a kitchen.

The total cost of the project was $54,734 plus tax.

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