Newest Basement project walkthrough

🏠✨ Basement Bliss Completed! 🛠️ After 3 meticulous months, we’ve transformed an old, moldy basement into a vibrant, functional space. Say hello to warmth and welcome with HandySolutions! 🔥🎨

What’s New:

🌟 LED light strips under stair rails for child-friendly navigation.
🎨 A magnetized blackboard wall for endless creativity and photo displays.
🚿 An upgraded bathroom featuring a curbless shower and fully waterproof floor—perfect for playful splashes.
🧩 Seamless aesthetics with colour-matched tiles, grout, and silicone.
❄️ Insulated flooring throughout to keep out the cold and moisture.
🏰 A magical under-stair playhouse for adventures and sleepovers.
🍽️ A robust kitchenette with ultra-strong floating shelves made for heavy-duty storage, ideal for outdoor BBQ gatherings.
💡 Smart, phone-controllable dimmers to easily set the perfect ambiance.
🕹️ Custom maple floating shelves stylishly displaying board games and LEGO.
👀 Swipe to see the transformation and tap into new possibilities for your space. Ready for a makeover? Visit us at Handysolutions.ca or drop us a message!

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