Niche options and cost explained

Welcome to the HandySolutions blog! Today, we’re diving into the details of shower niches—the materials, costs, and aesthetics that can elevate your bathroom renovation. Let’s explore the three main types of niches to help you choose the perfect fit for your project.

High-End Niche: For a seamless and luxurious look, consider a niche made from the same wall tile with a mitered edge. This high-end option, costing between $800-$1500, offers a super high-end spa-like feel. It requires the most skill to apply but creates a stunning, cohesive appearance that blends perfectly with your shower tiles.

Mid-Range Niche: If you’re looking for something elegant yet affordable, a niche made with marble or quartz might be the right choice. These niches extend out from the wall, creating a shadow and offering a beautiful contrast with your tiles. Priced between $500-$800, they provide a balanced blend of elegance and cost-effectiveness.

Budget-Friendly Niche: For those on a budget, the most economical choice is a prefabricated one-piece niche, typically made of metal or plastic. With a built-in lip, it slides over the tile opening. While it might look a bit out of place, it can be turned into a design feature if desired. These niches cost between $200-$500, making them a great budget-friendly option.


Choosing the right shower niche can significantly impact the look and feel of your bathroom renovation. Whether you opt for the high-end seamless niche, the elegant mid-range option, or the budget-friendly prefabricated niche, each choice offers unique benefits.

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