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Professional Attic installation in Toronto

Attic Insulation

The #1 method for helping consumers lower their energy costs is attic insulation. It is an easy way to make your house more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Several hundred of our HandySolutions Property Improvements clients have already taken this to heart. Homeowners who engaged our crew to install insulation spend less on heating and cooling because they can retain the conditioned air inside the house, where it belongs!

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6 Signs you need new Attic insulation

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HVAC Problems

Thermostat malfunctions, ice accumulation on the roof, and mold growth within the home are some of typical symptoms of damaged or contaminated insulation.
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Poor Air Seal

To achieve the maximum effectiveness and RIO, take off the current insulation and redo your air-seal before adding new insulation.
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Insulation that is contaminated, outdated, water-damaged, or decomposing is risky and can cause allergies and respiratory illnesses.
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Damaged Insulation

Numerous factors, such as too much moisture in the attic, smoke damage, contamination from animals and vermin, aging, and a leaking roof, can lead to damaged insulation.
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Many houses constructed prior to 1975 have asbestos insulation. This is prohibited for use as insulation and fireproofing but is also regarded as poisonous and harmful.
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High Utility Bills

Up to 60% of the energy generated within an uninsulated home can be lost, largely via the walls and attic. Today’s market offers up to ten different insulating solutions.

Attic Insulation Rebates in Toronto

There has never been a better moment to increase the energy efficiency of your house thanks to easy fixes, low-interest financing, and rebates worth thousands of dollars. 

Energy is wasted, energy costs rise, and indoor air quality may be impacted by air leaking through your home’s basement, windows, doors, and exterior walls. In addition to numerous other advantages, correctly installed air sealing and insulation lower the possibility of moisture-related mildew and decay, increase indoor comfort by removing drafts, and lower outside noise. It’s crucial to remember that not all air leakage is harmful. A house that is too securely sealed might have difficulties with condensation/humidity, stagnant air, and higher amounts of carbon monoxide from combustion equipment like furnaces, water heaters, and gas stoves.

Make sure your home is sealed

You may easily lower your heating and cooling expenditures by air sealing your house. When done correctly, air sealing also lowers your home’s risk of mold growth and decay, removes ice dams from your roof, makes it more comfortable by minimizing drafts, and enhances indoor air quality by preventing dust and other pollutants from entering your house.

Attics, basements, doors, and windows are a few of the most typical locations for air leakage. Depending on your budget and degree of comfort with home energy-related chores, there are a variety of ways to seal your home properly.

Further reduce HVAC costs with Attic Insulation

Insulation helps to further reduce heating and cooling expenses when used in conjunction with good air sealing. Your home will be quieter inside if it is properly insulated against outside noise. Insulate any surface in your house that divides the interior from the outside. Depending on your budget and degree of comfort with home energy-related undertakings, there are a variety of ways to insulate your home appropriately.

Hire a contractor in Toronto

We advise using a qualified contractor like HandySolutions Property Improvements in order to save the most money. Contractors can take a comprehensive approach to insulate your house. You may save a lot of energy by hiring a trained professional to do insulation and air sealing.

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