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There are many different constipation remedies that one may practice in order to become more regular. Getting fiber into the diet can help. Insoluble fiber, found in grains, fruit, and green vegetables, give the intestines bulk that keeps waste moving quickly through the colon. It is softer to get out. Soluble fiber in prunes, nuts, beans, bran, and oats, also help waste move more efficiently.

Drinking a lot of water or other decaffeinated liquids can help as well. Constipation is the result when the colon takes in too much water, leaving it hard and difficult to get rid of.

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Regular exercise is known to lessen constipation. Sedentary people usually suffer from irregularity.

It is important to go to the bathroom when you have the urge. If you wait, more water is drawn in and the stool becomes hard and dry.

Eating at different times and in haste is not good for digestion. A regular mealtime and chewing the food well will give the feeling of satisfaction and fullness.

Stay away from foods like meat, eggs, dairy, high fatty foods, and refined sugar. These processed foods often can cause cases of constipation.

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