One of the things anyone working on an SEO project needs to be prepared...

One of the things anyone working on an SEO project needs to be prepared for is the google bounce which essentially mean your site will appear high in the ranking for a short while and then vanish for no apparent reason only to return to the ranking in a few weeks or so. I can not tell you I understand why this happens but if my research should bring any specific information to light I will be sure to post it.

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I have also launched several other sites that I am using other strategies to assess to be able to determine what strategy is most successful in terms of penetrating the market. I will go into more detail on each of these domains as we start to see progress but I can say that some of the strategies are more aggressive than others and some are based more on content than back links.

Most of these new projects we're developed on the Word Press platform which provides an extremely broad array of flexible plugins and tools geared toward SEO. Since I have not used a lot of these my utilization of tools is based on extensive research not experience so we will need to wait and see what the performance is.

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