It is the good life, the simple life

It is the good life, the simple life. It is so awesome, so desired that droves of people are evacuating the city, buying trailers, living in RVs and trying their hand at buying cows.

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So you got yer self a cow, you got yer self a piece of country property, you might have even got yer self a mule. But did anyone tell you about the pickle you got yer self into or you will get yerself into? You see we live in modern America and try as we might we have ourselves entrenched in the modern American system of thinking. We don't like the raw reality of break downs and blocked dreams. It hard to cope with it won't start and I don't know how to fix it situations. We do what standard Americans do we take it to the repair shop, hire someone else to fix it, or buy a new one made in Taiwan.

Whoa, wait a minute. You can't do that when you live the agrarian dream. Why? Well you just bought this piece of junk equipment used. You bought it cash not wanting to take out debt. And, you did all this with the intent of glorifying our all powerful God. How does God show His approval? He allows you to have break downs, diseased crops, still born animals, predator attacks and the list goes on.

So there you stand with clenched fists and a throbbing toe from kicking the piece of junk equipment you just bought. There isn't a warranty, is there? You can't afford to take it into a repair guy. Yes, you are in a real pickle. What is so good about this agrarian life when you face a break down like this? Well let me tell you how it works here. You won't just face one break down, one blocked dream or one complication. There is a good chance you will see multiple mechanical failures in one day right along with a sick cow and three dead chickens eaten by the possum who slipped through your patchy repair job on the chicken house.

How do I know this? Because I have lived it. I wrestled with it and still do. We Americans are dreamers; pull yourself up by your own boot strap kind of people. We like to do things our way and we won't settle for less then the best. We set up our little Agrarian farms with the same seven habits of highly effective people mantras and think that will prevent the close encounters with disease, pestilence, predator invasions, and so forth. Oh boy, it is reality time. Is this really the good life? What are the benefits of living life barely getting by? Join me next time for answers to these important questions.

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