Let's call it "NaNoWriMo Eve."

Tomorrow, a great number of us will kick of National Novel Writing Month in a big way. Well I don't write novels, that's up to you! So what's an editor to do?

In honor of the time you spend writing, I'll be writing every day as well. I'll be sharing writing tips, tools, and tricks, editing advice, and hopefully your work as well! If you have a project you are excited about, I would love to showcase it on my site here. Maybe we'll turn this idea into into something fun, like a contest, maybe we'll leave it as a great way to get a little feedback and showcase your talents. Who knows? I haven't really thought this out yet.

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Why is an editor taking up a writing challenge? Well, editors such as myself really only exist to help writers. I want to help you make your writing the truest possible expression of your ideas.

Interested in getting involved in NaNoWriMo? Head on over to to get started. Oh, and if you get off track, don't worry. I won't tell anyone. But I can help you get back on track!

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