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Have you ever been told that you need to write the start of something at the end? The last part of speech writing is the introduction. After all, how can you know what you're introducing if you haven't written the body yet?

I've never been very good at that. Take this blog post for example. I started writing with the preceding paragraph and now I'm typing this one with nothing but white space to follow.

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That works out well for me in one area of what I do: resume writing. When it comes to writing a kick-ass resume, you absolutely have to start at the top.

Lets get one thing straight before I go on. The first section of your resume should not be a summary. If you feel the need to summarize , maybe you can do that in your cover letter.

The first part of your resume is the objective. It outlines what you want to accomplish through the resume.

Whys it so important that you write it first?Because everything else in your resume must revolve around that objective.

How you format and order your work experience and education should be directly related to the desired outcome the objective.

Who you list as references, which hobbies and interests you include, and the level of detail in each specific paragraph should all reflect your end goal the objective.

As you write your resume, you should be able to ask yourself at any time, Will this help me meet the objective I've written? If not, you either need to rethink what you're typing, or perhaps rethink your objective.

How do you write your objective?

There's lots of hype around replacing traditional objectives with personal banding statements. While I agree that there is value in presenting a sort of personal brand through your resume, never forget the importance of being clear about what you want.

Your resume is all about selling yourself to a potential employer. By writing a clear and focused objective, you show the employer that you want the job they're offering that you're not just fishing around for work wherever someone will hire you.

Lets look at some eloquent but useless objective statements:

  • Seeking employment in a challenging environment that puts to work my varied experience and expertise.
  • To find work in my field that excites me, in a company with opportunity for advancement.
  • Looking to try something new in a growing industry.




Wake up!

These aren't just boring. They don't tell the employer anything about you or what you want to do. And they certainly don't help you formulate a job-winning resume.

Here are some very concise, straight-to-the-point objectives:

  • To serve as Director of Marketing at Do Good Non-Profit Inc.
  • Seeking employment as a Sales Associate at Generic Tire Company.

You might be thinking, but these are sort of narrow-minded.


If a persons hiring a sales associate, their need right then and there is a sales associate. Yes, during your interview, you'll discuss opportunities for advancement and growth, but your objective right now needs to be to get your foot in the door with an open position that you'll enjoy and that you're totally qualified for.

That being said, perhaps you're looking to reach a little higher and become a Director of Marketing. If that's what you want, and you truly believe you're the best person for the job, then don't ramble on about looking for a leadership position or an executive role. Tell the employer what it is you're gunning for.

You might also be thinking, These are even more boring than the eloquent but useless objectives above. I'll be honest. They are not breathtaking, edge-of-your-seat, exciting, beautifully flowing texts. They're straightforward.

Your resume is not your creative portfolio. If you're applying for a job as a creative writer, you'd better have some writing samples to accompany you at your interview or to attach to your resume. But as far as the resume goes, stick to the point. What is it you want? Whats your objective? Build the rest of your resume around that, and leave out any fluff.

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