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This is Telestone Technologies Corp Com (TSTC)which i found while scanning for stock ideas tomorrow. This stock had a short term bullish trend which reversed and it appears to be down trending. I'll watch for a perk up in price at the bell and look for a short entry once i see it find a top. $7.25 is resistance so i'll watch to see what happens in this area before i make a move. I'm looking for .25 to .30on this one.

Patrick Industries Inc, (PATK). Chart shows a bullish channel. This stock managed to buck the market and continue with the bullish trend so i'm watching for a pullback to $2.65 or below. If it recovers from the pullback and holds the $2.65 area then I will be buying there and looking for .20 or better. I don't set stop orders, just make mental notes. The volume was low so it will most likely be a slow grind on this one. Not a great trade but i'll take a small risk as i'll only buy 500-1000 shares.

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Lastly a few others on the list MILV, LEXG, OPTT and PEIX

I wanted to buy MILV at .12 which i've been tweeting for some time but Tim Sykes is also shorting it so i don't wanna get caught up in that trade. I could've shorted it but that damn $2.50 rule stops me. If I wanted to short 50,000 shares of MILV at .12 it would cost me $125,000verses $6000. I can't tie up $125,000 that's crazy and besides who knows how long the promoters will manipulate this stock.

LEXG if i can get shares on a spike up in this stock then i would enter a short position however it has beendifficult locating shares even with Interactive Brokers. I was filled once before however i cancelled the orderto buy another stock. So I'll watch for a spike tomorrow.

OPTTjumped off of a cliff today and i missed it. It never bounced like it normally does so just watching for that bounce tomorrow. If notsayonara because i won't chase it.

PEIX i like this chart i want to buy this stock on amorning dip. If it does that i will jump in and out for a quick scalp in the morning. It looks as if it's losing steam and preparing to trade sideways for a little while. We'll see la manana.

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