Eat the bread of peace...

I got this word at communion, `eat the bread of peace`. As I got this word, I felt my jaws move like I was tasting something and I thought of garlic bread, tasty! Then the Lord said, `swallow`, SWALLOW! This got me thinking what is stopping us tasting and swallowing? I also thought about drinking the cup of joy, the wine. Too much wine makes you tipsy, more than that, you can get happy, drunk even, and that`s ok!

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You are still the child who brings God, you are walking in His will right now. Where you are today is exactly where He wants you to be, He knows your heart is for Him and how passionate you are for Him. He wants you to know He knows this. He wants you, knowing this, deep in your heart, as well as your mind, to be released into joy and peace. He wants you to say to Him, `I take joy`, and He says to you, `TAKE JOY, TAKE JOY, go on take it, eat it, swallow it, open your mouth and put it in (like chocolate) and the same for peace!

My suggestion to you today is to do this and mime eating and drinking actions as you say the words! Imagine a plate in front of you with bread on it. Take a piece put it in your mouth, chew, taste, swallow and say to yourself, `Lord I take and eat peace`. Then take a glass of the imaginary wine, lift it to your lips, take some, taste and swallow. As you do so, say to yourself, `Lord, I take and drink joy`. Repeat until you are full! BE FULL in Jesus name!

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