Because not all learning toys are electronic, I decided to make another category for toys that don't require wires and batteries, but kids still learn from.

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Thank goodness, our friends & family didn't give Maylee too much stuff toys. I think she got less than five. As much as stuff toys are so soft and so cuddly, we already have enough to last her a lifetime! (pretty much)


I put this next to last because I figured not all of us have daughters. I know some of y'all have sons, so I wanted to spare those of you that can't stand looking at too much girly things. (But wait, it's so much fun to shop for girls!)


Of course, I cannot forget about the beautiful cards! I just love sending cards (and receiving them too!) so it's always nice to see some in our mailbox! I just love the designs and the wordings in them. Cards seriously take the words right out of my mouth even when I didn't even know what to say at the time. When choosing what cards to buy, I go through at least 10 of them and I find that one specific one that reflects exactly how I feel at the time. Has that ever happened to you? Isn't it great?

We actually got a surprise card came through the mail and it's from Courtney at Sweet Turtle Soup. Her daughter, Aria, made a card for Maylee. It's a colorful handprint 🙂 I just love it! Thank you for thinking of Maylee! It was definitely a very pleasant surprise in the mail. I just love love love receiving snail mail!

We are so grateful and so blessed! Thank you, everyone!

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