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One of the philosophies that I seek to adhere to is challenging myself! Seeking to be comfortable in the uncomfortable is a great quote from John Grinder that has always struck a chord with me. Whether that be in relation to personal contexts, training or professional applications it's a great philosophy to live your life by. Over the past few months I have been in this integration period formulating new goals and outcomes and have settled on a few that I'd like to share partly for my benefit on letting it all out in true blogging fashionBUT, this is something that I propose you do too,.When a natural time of reflection crops up, it crops up for a reason, explore it and if appropriate and it it ecological for you, take action!!

Challenge 1: I've always been a shoddy, splashy swimmer with about as much elegance in the water as bambi has on ice, doing the Hawaii Iron man has always appealed though which requires a brutal open water swim prior to a monstrous cycle ride and a nice marathon to finish, with that in mind I will participate in the London Triathlon in 2014 as well as completing an off road marathon with the view of completing the Ironman in 2015. The thought of swimming scares me quiet frankly, particularly in a racing format where it's very much every man/woman for themselves. Hence action points prior to this will require me to take swimming lessons from someone who is a model of excellence in this discipline so I can rely on technique as well as bravery/strength/stupidity, I can't wait!

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Challenge 2: I will lower my golf handicap into it's teens.

Challenge 3: I will complete the first draft of my book.

Challenge 4: I will achieve a first in my psychology module.

Challenge 5: I will buy a new home.

There we have it! Why wait until January when you can get going now! I will be interviewing and modelling various elite triathletes in this period so keep your eyes peeled if that's of interest. Of course to reach each steps takes a set of specific action points and steps. In my next blog I will explain a process for you to be able to set real well formed outcomes with clear, specific, measurable steps so you can succeed where others fail.

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