Taking Out the Trash

Hi Folks,

Harley herefinally. I had some technical issues trying to get back into the site I ownpretty screwed up but all is well. I am in the process of deleting spammers and their posts (main complaint here). I want to express my sincerest apologies for the silence on our end. From what I gather about our near and dear friend who has been running things here, he had some personal issues to sort out that took precedence over this site so I can understand and relate and respect his decisions. I consider him on an extended personal leave of absence, so in the meantime, i will endeavor to do what i can to maintain things until he gets back.

Oh! Looking to actually up grade the bland vibe of my existing business. Musings regarding the modern look at Really a unique Hamilton based criminal lawyer when desired in the Ontario territory. Leave an opinion. Thanks!

I cannot stress enough the importance of filling out profiles. When new members join (and even the ones who are here who have zilch in their profile), having something there that relates to a human on the other end is a big help, especially now that i am weeding out members. If your profiles are empty, i cannot differentiate a spammer and a member who belongs here, so please take the time to update your profile or risk losing your account. I can say that I do have the ability to approve and disapprove members so if i accidentally delete you, you will know it's because of empty profiles. Spammers are another story and so far i have killed off quite a few. Any members here who notice spam sneaking in, send me an email (it works!) and I will take care of it.

Well, back to work. Thanks again to Steve and Sue for their diligent actions in holding the fort against the attacks. I am back and will help.

Oh yeah and another thanks to those contributing pics. I love them all. I am an artist so most all of my posts are art pieces and for now, that has taken a back seat to learning new software for jobs, not to mention another possible move to another city. hey, we all have our issues, right?

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Post Resources - You trully are splendid person.

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